28 de novembro de 2007

Uma história acabada

O louco fim-de-semana em Portugal terá que ser relatado mais tarde (faltam as fotos), digo só que foi LINDO, quase perfeito :).

No entanto quero partilhar a música que vim a ouvir do trabalho para casa... é muito antiga, eu sei, mas...well... it fits! E além disso a Ute Lemper é uma SENHORA! Já merecia um post!

Ute Lemper- The Case continues

"The victim was a woman a woman in her prime
The suspect was a lover he had no alibi
The weapon was a phone call in the dead of night
You know I never really thought you had it in you
The case continues

The suspect was a cruel self-motivated man
He held the victim's heart in the palm of his hand
The motive is a mystery I'll never understand
The final cut went deep down to the very sinew
The case continues

Why did the blood-stained sheets that burned turn quite so cold
My only crime was passion wild and uncontrolled
If sex were an Olympic sport we'd've won the gold
Oh tell me that there's still a little love left in you
The case continues

The final cut went deep down to the very sinew

The case continues

The victim is in shock there's not much more to say
The suspect made a smooth and silent get-away
The scars may slowly heal but they'll never go away
I only hope that one day you understand just what I've been through

The case continues"

PS: Ivan desculpa lá a "rabetice", mas deve ser da altura do mês...

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ivan disse...

eh lah carago!
já tenho direito a ps no post e tudo!!!! que classe! HAHAHAH
força meninas!