12 de novembro de 2007

Weekend in Normandie

There's a place, somewhere in France where some bizarre people congregate to do important things, like... hummm... mojitos??!

* On that events, many things are revealed, like:
Australians know how to make fire on fireplaces.

Nuno can have success with hot girls.

* Known facts become basic truths, like:
The labs all over the world are full of amazing hot girls, and average guys.

There's a institute in Paris composed by real strange people, and there's a specific lab that will have some problems with the big boss ;)

* To celebrate so much knowledge they drank, danced and sang all night long!

* Conclusion: I know where all the good people go!

Thanks Barbara and Nick! And I miss it already!

2 comentários:

Verita disse...

Medoooooooooo... a galvanizaçao total!!! Pra proxima contem comigo ;)

nuno disse...

burritos... tsc tsc tsc